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Coping up with Lockdown...

Author: Swati Morzaria, Director, KARVE School

There is a directive from the Government to continue to pay salaries to employees. Let me tell you about our organization KARVE! This is a story of similar such organizations which are always working for the benefit of the community at large and work towards cutting down profits. Our revenue has always been something that just helps us to cover our operations. We collect fees in installments over the entire year. There is no need to mention that admissions and fee collections are going to be impacted in a huge way. We have about 8 employees in our organization who are dependent only on salary from the institution. Please do the math, if it is 8 in a small-scale business like ours, what will it be throughout Karnataka and India? If we put 2 and 2 together everyone will understand that we are short of funds to keep paying salaries. KARNATAKA NEEDS TO LOOK AT HELPING THE SMALL-SCALE BUSINESS SOON. SO MANY HAVE HAD TO SHUT DOWN TO CUT HUGE LOSSES. WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO PAY THE STAFF WHO NEED THE MONEY! KARVE IS A SMALL SPECK IN THIS OCEAN OF SMALL-SCALE BUSINESSES THAT RELY ON EACH OTHER WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. THINK OF THE OTHERS. BY JUST MAKING A SMALL CHANGE IN THE POLICY YOU CAN TRIGGER OFF POSITIVITY!

While the other countries are setting an example by making funds reachable to the poorest of the sections, the local Governments have not even started.

As a nation we are immensely proud of having beaten Corona, BUT When policies are made in a crisis which is what we have now, it is the Government's responsibility to prove their abilities in the true sense. India will truly improve only when we think of all the categories of workers in our country.

They could have:

  • Set up a task force of people from the business world from different sectors to help put in a set of policies.
  • The Pandemic is going to pass. This too shall pass. This is what we are all saying. For people like me that is what keeps us going. Preparing for what is to come after all this ends has become a passion at KARVE!
  • I am very proud of team KARVE ...my team of women who in this situation are taking a positive approach and helping me look forward and strategize to look at what needs to be done 2 to 3 months from now.
  • I am grateful to them for taking a salary cut so that we have enough cash to pay the employees that need this money for the next few months.
  • I sincerely request the Government to look at the policies for the benefit of drivers, helpers, housekeeping staff who work in small businesses and start strategizing policies for their benefit.

There can be some funds made available to small businesses to just help them get by and meet their commitments in this crisis. So many experts have given so many suggestions. The Government can look at about 2 to 3 of them.

Meanwhile all I can say is, keep Going India and the young Entrepreneurs of India! Do not change your outlook. This too shall pass! We will make a change with our determination and hard work if nothing else!

Jai Hind!

Swati Morzaria


KARVE School